How to take care of your lashes

-Do NOT get them wet for 24 hours after every appointment.
-Do NOT steam your face.
-Do NOT get oil near them- oil will dissolve the adhesive and you will lose your extensions prematurely.
-Do NOT rub eyes or eyelashes.
-Do NOT pull or twist eyelashes.
-Do NOT get acidic peels; they will dissolve the bonding agent in the adhesive.
-Do NOT sleep on them.
-Do NOT comb them from the root- just the tips.
-Do NOT try to make them “straight”-the extensions are glued to your natural hairs and not everyone’s eyelash hairs even grow straight. The extension is just that: an extension of your natural hair. If the hair is growing towards the left, the extension will go that way as well.
-Do NOT play with them, and do not touch them with your fingers.
-DO only use water based (oil free) makeup remover.
-DO be gentle when cleansing the eye area.
-ONLY use mascara if you absolutely need to. Make sure it is NOT waterproof and that it is formulated for eyelash extensions. ONLY apply to the very tips of the extensions-never apply near the root. The clients that stay away from mascara have the best extensions!
-DO take off eye makeup off every night. If you have oily skin, take the eye makeup remover, and use on upper lids and below your eyes before you go to sleep (as well as after exercising)

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